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The sports betting section at Brazino777 is as diverse as the casino section, offering more than 40 sports to bet on, and each of them gets special coverage, meaning there are dozens of events in each sport every day, including for those who prefer cyber sports. In addition to pre-match betting, Brazino777 offers live betting, which means games where users can place their bets during the game.

Are Brazino777's odds worth it?

Are Brazino777 odds worth it?

All sports betting has odds. They indicate the amount of profit return depending on the size of your bet. Each game will have a multiplier according to the probabilities studied by the bookmaker, when you choose a betting market (for example: win, lose or draw) it will have a multiplier. If you win your bet, the amount you bet will be multiplied by the result multiplier.

When betting on live games, the odds change throughout the game according to the results.

The odds at Brazino777 are usually at an average level compared to other bookmakers, but sometimes you can find better odds at Brazino777 for some events.

Odds format at Brazino777

Brazino777 Odds Format

Brazino777 offers its users the opportunity to choose 6 different odds formats.

To change them, simply go to your profile and click "Betting Settings":

  • American Odds: Used in the US, American odds are by far the most accessible to understand as they indicate the amount you need to bet to get, for example, R$100 in winnings or vice versa.

  • Fractional odds: Again, these aren't hard to understand either. A 2/1 odds means that you can win 2 for every 1 you bet. If we're talking about 5/1 odds, then you need to multiply your bet by five.

  • Decimal odds: As the name suggests, decimal odds are represented by a value containing two decimal digits. These odds are set by the bookmakers, however, they can change as punters place their bets.

  • Hong Kong Odds: Hong Kong odds are very simple and only show how much you will win for each unit bet. If the odds are less than 1, the team is the favorite and you will win less than 1 unit for every unit bet. For odds of exactly 1, you're looking at an equal bet, which pays 1/1. And for any odds above 1, you'll get more than one unit for every unit bet if your pick wins.

  • Indonesian odds: These are very similar to American odds, they are the same odds divided by 100. Positive numbers such as +115 are simply expressed as 1.15, and a plus sign is always implied if not present. Negative odds in Indonesian format simply show how much money you have to risk to win one unit. Usually these odds are displayed with two decimal places, sometimes more for certain bets.

  • Malay odds: Malay odds are a way of comparing the ratio between your bet and your potential winnings on a particular bet. These odds depend on local customs and are somewhat similar to the local language. If the odds are 0, it is an exact 50/50 bet and it will pay 1/1. This bet can come into play with a total or two close clubs.

How to bet at Brazino777

How to bet on Brazino777

Betting at Brazino777 is very simple. You must be over 18, register or log in and make a deposit.

  1. Go to the sports section of Brazino777 and find the sports category and the game you want to bet on. You will see all the important sporting events at the side of the site to select the betting options you have.
  2. Select your bet and the amount of the bet and it will be added to the screen on the right side. You can place multiple bets at the same time with the option of a combo or system bet. Then click the button to submit your coupon.
  3. Keep track of the result of your bet.

You can check your betting history in your account. If you placed a bet in the "Live Betting" section, your history will be displayed there. If you did it in the "Betting" section, go there and you will find your ticket history on the right side of the screen.

Cashout at Brazino777

Cash out at Brazino777

Cash Out is an alternative to minimize the risk of live betting, allowing players to withdraw their funds before the end of the event. For example, if a player is not satisfied with the course of the game and the result is not as expected, they can opt for an early withdrawal or Cash Out before the end of the match and receive a partial refund of their bet.

As a reminder, not all events will have Cash Out option.

Want to know how to perform this operation in a simple and fast way? Check out the 4 steps below:

  1. Go to the betting coupon;
  2. Check if Cash Out is possible;
  3. Look at the amount offered and decide if you want to withdraw your bet and sell it;
  4. You will then receive a message indicating the amount received for withdrawal.

Canceled bets at Brazino777

Canceled bets on Brazino777

At Brazino777 a player cannot cancel a bet, in this case you can only make a Cash Out, but the site can cancel your bet for several reasons:

  1. The match has been canceled,
  2. Internal errors regarding information about the team to be played, etc.
  3. The time or date of the match was incorrectly given,
  4. The market was opened when the result was already known,
  5. In case the match broadcast is stopped, all bets will be considered valid according to the official result of the match. If any market cannot be officially confirmed, bets will be canceled.

Bets may also be canceled for other reasons. In the event of a bet being nullified, the deposited funds will be returned to the player's account.

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